Friday, March 16, 2012

Your venue has a coordinator, do you REALLY need a Wedding Planner too?

Check out this conversation recently posted on LinkedIn to see how others weigh in on this question:

Question: The venue I chose has a coordinator included in their package, so do I really need a wedding planner too?

Response #1 (from a coordinator):  "Most venues have their own event/wedding coordinator, who by the way work for the venue and not for the bride!!  A wedding coordinator from a venue is generally one whose duties are for the day of the wedding, a wedding planner means that this professional has planned the wedding from start to finish and works only for the bride/bridal couple."

Response #2 (from a wedding blogger): "The venue's wedding coordinator makes sure things run smoothly for the VENUE not you (sometimes these are totally different things). If a bride can afford it I highly recommend at least getting a day of coordinator, it will lower the insanity level considerably."

Response #4 (from a wedding photographer): "The venue coordinater has no stress.  A wedding coordinator guides them and makes them relaxed as all is sorted.  I have been at weddings where the Bride is so stressed out it is not even worth taking photos of her."

Response #5 (from an actual bride): "As a bride my venue co-ordinator didn't even work on Saturdays so had someone I'd never met before on the wedding day - and didn't see them that much either."

Now you've seen the opinions of various people who have worked with both venue coordinators and wedding planners.  Are you ready to meet with a wedding planner in Green Bay?  Contact me at or 920-366-7973, and let's set up your complimentary consultation!


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