Saturday, March 3, 2012

Four tips for a Unique and Personalized Wedding Cake while Cutting Costs

Wedding cakes can be a great way to continue the theme or decor of your wedding while giving your guests a tasty treat, and creating beautiful photo opportunities.  Here are a few tips for personalizing your wedding cake and cut the cost of it at the same time.

1)  Serve a cupcake tower instead of an actual wedding cake.  You can choose to have the top tier as a small cake for the cake-cutting ceremony, and to personalize with a cake topper if you so choose.  Not only will this alternative probably cost less, it will also save you from cake-cutting fees.

2) Order a small wedding cake for display, and an undecorated sheet cake in your preferred flavor to provide cake for everyone.  The sheet cake can be cut in the kitchen, and guests will never know their slice may not be from the actual wedding cake.

3) Have your wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers, rather than flowers made of sugar.  The cost of sugar flowers can be very costly.  Also, your wedding cake can be very simple, since fresh flowers are so vibrant and beautiful.  A simply decorated cake is always less expensive.

4) Ask to have a foam cake decorated to look like a real wedding cake, but serve guest from a sheet cake that will be cut in the back so they never know the difference.  Bakeries use this trick for trade shows, and it can be used to save you money for your wedding too!

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