Monday, November 17, 2008

Perfect dress???

Heidi and I have looked through wedding magazines to get an idea of dresses that she likes. There was a dress in particular that we tore from a magazine that had a unique style. I looked up similar dresses online and found that the prices were usually several thousand dollars.

Looking through my latest issue of Brides Magazine, I found another ad for a dress in that style. When I looked over the page, I realized that the dress is by David's Bridal. I immediately jumped online and did a price check. This dress is listed for $700!!!

I hope Heidi likes this dress, it's beautiful.

And here it is...
here's the link to David's Bridal page of this dress:

And since Heidi's colors are black, white, and silver I decided to put the image of her ring in black and white:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dress Shopping

Shopping for a wedding dress is a unique experience; it is the time when a woman can let her inner princess out. And during the process of finding the perfect dress, brides are treated as princesses.
Women usually go to bridal shops to find racks of beautiful gowns on display just for them. The kind women working in the bridal shops inquire about the style of a woman’s ideal dress. Is a stark white preferred? What is the desired material? From the neckline, the skirt style and the embellishment, these women do their best to identify a woman’s style. Once a woman has gathered a selection of dresses fitted to her desires, she is zipped into one dress at a time and escorted to a room of mirrors.
After admiring several dresses in the mirror, brides are invited to accessorize the dresses. As the bride’s mother or close friends watch, tiaras, veils and jewelry are put on to enhance the bride’s regal look.
Choosing that perfect dress for the wedding day may be difficult for some brides. With all the beautiful dresses, how do you choose only one? Other brides know which dress to purchase the moment it is reflected in the mirrors. Either way, shopping for a wedding dress is an exciting, and sometimes emotional, experience. For many women, this is one of the only days she will be treated as royalty.